Kwanele Advocates are passionate individuals who join our cause and support our future through fundraising. Advocates create their own fundraiser to raise donations by using their voice and rallying family and friends to make a sustainable impact through giving. If you are interested in becoming an advocate, please reach out to us or start your own fundraiser below!

Advocates love to get creative when hosting their fundraisers and the ideas are limitless! From skydiving, to shaving hair, to climbing mountains, to races and much more – feel free to get as fun and creative as possible.

Start your own fundraiser today.

Help us with our movement.

  • It only takes a minute to set up a campaign. Decide what to do. Pick a name. Pick a photo. And just like that, you’ll be ready to start raising money to help victims of GBV.

  • Spread the word about your fundraiser and ask your friends to give.  Once your campaign is set up, tell everyone about it. The more people you tell, the quicker you’ll reach your goal. Then sit back and watch the donations roll in.

  • See exactly where your money goes and who it helps. After your campaign is over, we’ll keep track of where the funding goes. Then, we’ll report back to you with info about the how your money helped.